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What is Chatgot? Chatgot unifies multiple AI assistants such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4.0, Gemini Pro, Claude 1, Claude 2, Llama v2, and Midjourney into a single, interactive platform. We all know how it feels to be in a chat group. Chatgot offers the same experience, but you will interact with various AI personalities (AI Models) rather than interacting with people.


Chatbot is a 2023 startup that is considered to be the next generation of AI Chat Assistants. With Chatgot, you can fire up your productivity while unleashing the superpowers of AI. On a single platform, you will be able to interact with various well-established AI Chat Assistants such as:  

  • GPT-.35  
  • GPT-4.0  
  • Gemini Pro  
  • Claude 1  
  • Claude 2  
  • Llama v2  
  • Midjourney     

How Chatgot Works?  

Chatgot is a central platform where any user can engage and interact with various high performing AI Models as mentioned above. By Simply typing the “@” symbol along with the name of the AI Bot, you will be able to interact with your preferred AI Model the same way you used to on their respective platform. Chatgot works by assisting users with various tasks in multiple ways, such as:  

Direct Conversations  

Chatbot makes it easy to get help from AI bots through intuitive direct conversations. As explained above, by adding the “@” symbol, you can address your specific question to your desired AI Model to obtain specialized guidance and response.  

Multiple Answers  

Chatgot allows users to get multiple responses from all the AI Models by tagging them in the prompt. As such, It will provide diverse answers when more than a single opinion is required.  

AI Interactions  

Suppose you are curious about how AI Systems assess each other’s performance. In that case, all you need to do is ask a simple question to one AI Bot and then ask another AI Bot the same question to evaluate the response. This interactive approach may provide a lot of exciting and critical thinking to the user’s experience.  

How to use Chatgot? 


To access Chatgot, you will need you will need to access their platform at https://start.chatgot.io/  


Although you can use chatgot as with a Guest Profile, I recommend creating a personal account by signing up via Google. After accepting their terms and conditions, you will be redirected to the chat interface, where your trial version will start.  


At the top of the Chat interface, you will be presented with all the AI Agents ( AI Models such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4.0, Gemini Pro, Claude 1, Claude 2, Llama v2, and Midjourney). By using the chat bar at the bottom, you can start conversing with your desired AI Bot.   


GPT-3.5 is the default AI Agent. If you want to change the AI Agent, type the “@” symbol in the chat bar followed by the AI Agent name.  


If you want to start a new conversation on a different topic, you can click the “New Chat” button and be presented with a fresh chat interface.       

Other Features of Chatgot  

Chatgot is more than just a chatting robot. It is a versatile platform that provides a range of functions tailored to different requirements. Below is a glimpse of what you can expect:  

Multiple Language Support  

Chatbot is equipped with the ability to converse in multiple languages. In this aspect, it helps to extend its reach and utility to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds across the globe.  

Swift Discoverability  

Without the need to perform repeated search engine queries, users will be able to obtain more accurate information efficiently.     

Data Privacy Protection  

All Chat records are encrypted in Chatgot. This feature enables users’ data to remain safe and confidential.  

Unique & Personalized Experience  

Chatgot offers seamless interactions to users by allowing them to engage with their preferred AI Agent without switching between platforms.  

Chatgot Next Update  

Personalized Characters   


In the following upcoming updates, you can create and design your ideal Bot for various purposes, such as AI Virtual Companion, AI Translation Expert, AI SEO Expert, AI Fitness Coach, AI Chef, and many more…  


With the next update, you will have the possibility to share and sell your Personalized AI Character to anyone and monetize your creations.  

Web Browsing Capability  


In the next update, users will be able to obtain up-to-date information on mostly all topics without being limited to the AI’s model last update. Users will also be able to use popular search engines such as Google and Bling to browse the web and find the most current and relevant information.  

Web Page Submission   

In the next update, users will be able to submit any webpage to the AI Agent on the platform for further analysis and queries based on the webpage content.   


Chatgot offers two subscription plans: the Chatgot Pro and the Chatgot plus. Both of them have the same features but with a different quota. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can pay a monthly or yearly fee for both plans. However, if you choose to opt for an annual plan, you will save around 16% for the Chatgot Pro and 24% of the total amount for the Chatgot Plus, as shown below;   





Does Chatgot offer a free plan?  

Yes, Chatgot has a free plan, but it is just a limited trial option. This trial period allows users to test the platform and the service provided for seven days with just 15 prompt requests per day.  

API Capability  

Chatgot’s integration possibilities and accessible APIs are not explicitly mentioned. However, users wishing to integrate Chatgot with other systems or services should watch for future updates regarding API availability and compatibility.     

Customer Support  

As chatgot is just a startup and still in the beta phase, after going live, chatgot is expected to provide unmatched customer service to ensure that all users can fully utilize all the platform’s features according to their needs and satisfactions.      

Who can Benefit from Chatgot?  

Various professionals can use Chatgot to ignite their productivity while unleashing all the Superpowers of AI. Professionals such as:  

  • Educators  
  • Students  
  • Developers and Programmers  
  • Marketers  
  • Product Managers  
  • Researchers  
  • SEO Experts  

Chatgot User Reviews  

Since chatgot is just a startup, it has yet to become famous. However, it won’t take long for Chatgot to revolutionize the AI Chat Assistant industry. On Product Hunt, Chatgot has a user review of 4/5 stars.  

My Conclusion  

Chatgot will be a pillar in the AI Chat Assistant industry with all the promising features. On a personal note, it is the next-generation AI Chat Assistant Platform since it provides users with the possibility and ability to interact with multiple AI Models seamlessly and at the same time on the same interface. I am just eagerly waiting for the subsequent updates!  


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